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Today I’m showcasing a very cool addon indeed.
If you remember a while ago I showcased an addon called “Basic Machinery” on the channel, well this is similar but not similar at all!?


This addon adds 7 new machines: sieve, lava generator, combustion generator, power core, void miner, solar panel, and mechanical furnace. The energy in this addon is called RF (redstone flux) and it is transferred to and from machines wirelessly by the power core. The power core can hold up to 100,000 RF and it automatically collects and sends it to machines without needing wires.

*The Machines*:-
– *Combustion Generator* – 13 RF/s – Input Coal
Generates RF from coal (1 coal = 15 seconds)
– *Solar Generator* – 4 RF/s
Generates RF passively
– *Lava Generator* – 30 RF/s – Input Lava Bucket
Generates RF from lava (1 lava = 20 seconds)
– *Void Miner* – 20 RF/s
Generates ores using RF (1 ore/10 seconds)
– *Mechanical Furnace* – 100 RF/ore – Input Ore
Smelts ores and doubles them using RF (100 RF/input)
– *Power Core* – 0/100,000 RF
Receives and transfers RF to all machines within 30 blocks
– *Sieve* – 0 RF/s – Input Gravel
Separates useful materials from gravel

This is an AMAZING little addon, I really can’t wait to see what the future brings for this addon!

Addon Creator:-

Addon Download Link:-

Redstone Flux for the WIN!


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