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【Among Us】口内炎に妨害されてる奴のAmong Us【瀬戸あさひ】 Mod Apk Titan VS Godzilla Vs kong – minecraft mod combo apk

In this video I show you how to download, get and install OptiFine for Minecraft Java edition 1.17.1 using Sildurs and Kuda Shaders as an example. OptiFine is a shaders mod that allows you to download & install shaders and its really easy to download and install OptiFine at the same time. OptiFine is currently in preview build so grab the latest release for the most up to date version with fixes. It currently does not support Forge so if you want to play with mods, you will have to install Fabric and use the OptiFabric mod.

Played on Minecraft Java version 1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs update, and should be doable in future version too!

(Please search on Google for all links shown in this video as some might have changed or moved)

Watch my OptiFabric video if you want to use OptiFine with Fabric (shaders and mods) –

Watch my JAR video if you want to install OptiFine / Iris Shaders or any JAR installer without using Java –

Looking for more shaders? Watch my Top 5 best shaders video –

Can’t decide between Iris Shaders or OptiFine, check out my Iris Shaders VS OptiFine video –

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YouTube disclaimer: This video complies with the official Minecraft EULA (End User License Agreement) – (3rd Paragraph in the ‘Using Our Game’ section with last line reading ‘Mods are okay to distribute’). All mods(modifications) featured in this video and all links provided in the description of this video comply with the Minecraft’s EULA and are freely available, nothing is altered and the game versions are not altered. All mods featured are open-source ( and free to use applications which comply with the Minecraft’s terms and conditions. The biggest Mods site for Minecraft is ( which contains 80,000+ mods and widely used. Any other links featured here are safe and secure and only feature open-source & free to use applications that are allowed. Please note that nothing featured in this video & description go against the policies mentioned on ( and ( End of disclaimer.


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