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Scape and Run Parasites has received a 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 update, meaning there are a handful of changes the mod has been hit with. New parasites, tweaks to old parasites, colonies, nodes, and other fun entities and mechanics await in these new updates!

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0:00 Cinematic Intro
0:17 Introduction
0:33 New Mobs
2:36 Old Mobs
5:33 Removed Mob(s)
5:44 New Items
6:28 Changed Items
6:49 Status Effects
8:31 Reinforcement System
8:59 Colonies
9:19 Parasite Biome
9:43 Evolution Phases
11:24 Miscellaneous
11:48 Conclusion

The Scape and Run Parasites update adds several new terrifying mobs and gives buffs to already existing mobs. Not only that, but the parasite biome and beckons have become even more of a threat now with colonies and nodes being added. The parasites faction will evolve as they infest your world, and if they reach the final evolution phase, phase 8, you can kiss your beloved world goodbye.

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