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There is a mod in minecraft which is so essential for players, that they can’t even play the game without it. A mod which is so popular that it has been used by hundreds of millions of people over its decade of existence…

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – What Is OptiFine?
1:49 – The History
4:21 – The First Version of OptiFine
5:36 – OptiFine Becoming the Ultimate Mod
8:10 – How is OptiFine So Much Better?
9:00 – The Failed Deal
10:44 – The Future

Terrain used in this video is from the datapack Terralith (created by Starmute) –
paulsoaresjr –
Captain Sparklez –

Music Used:
1. Scott Buckley – Discovery
2. Scott Buckley – This too shall pass
3. C418 – Haunt Muskie
4. Scott Buckley – In dreams
5. Scott Buckley – Signal to noise

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