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Angry Neighbor Mod APK ( 99998888999999 Neighbor ) New Prank Funny Game : Part 30 Buildbox 3 Features and Tools: Camera View

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Hey guys, hope you all enjoy this longer video! I’ve never edited so much! But here’s my take on 50 awesome mods that are worth trying out in Minecraft 1.16.5. I did a poll recently asking if you play Forge or Fabric, and the large majority said Forge, so I’ve focused this video on that mod loader. With that said, a lot of these are still compatible with Fabric, and you can scroll down in the description a little further to find some Fabric links! I have many more 1.16.5 videos on my channel, which you might be interested in!

Shaders: BSL Shaders –
Songs: [Highlander – Andrea Aguado][Little Apple – Giants’ Nest][Portraits – Siarate][Fort Green Sunset – Brandon Moeller]

Iron Chests:
Storage Drawers:
Biomes O’ Plenty:
Oh the Biomes You’ll Go:
Swing Through Grass:
Aquaculture 2:
Cosmetic Armor Reworked:
Better Mineshafts:
Better Caves:
Tool Belt:
Dungeon Crawl:
Valhelsia Structures:
Miners Helmet:
Just Enough Items:
Scuba Gear:
Tough as Nails:
To the Bat Poles:
Useful Railroads:
Extra Boats:
Carry On:
Falling Tree:
Travelers Backpack:
Curio of Undying:
Water Strainer:
Repurposed Structures:
Craftable Horse Armor & Saddle:
First Aid:
Camera Mod:
Farmers Delight:
Doggy Talents:
Immersive Portals:
Infernal Expansion:
Better End:
Ice & Fire:
Better Weather:
Space Bosstools:
The Abyss:
Wall Jump:
Large Ore Deposits:
Spiders 2.0:

The description is too long and I can’t fit anymore links in :/ but the mods that have Fabric versions can be found here:

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