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Azure vs. AWS, Ryzen 6000, Android on Windows

• CES 2022: Better together with Android and beyond
•  AMD Unveils Its Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile Processors
•  12th-Generation Intel Core Chipsets Come to Mobile PCs
•  CES 2022: Microsoft, Qualcomm to collaborate on custom augmented-reality chips
•  Intel says foldable screen laptop PCs are coming to market in 2022 | Windows Central
•  Acer Announces the Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition
•  CES 2022: ASUS refreshes its gaming lineup and introduces new form factors, CPUs and GPUs | Windows Experience Blog
•  Dell Announces XPS 13 Plus
•  HP Announces New Dragonfly, Many More Portable and Desktop PCs
•  CES 2022: Lenovo ushers in new looks and approaches for hybrid work, gaming and everything else | Windows Experience Blog
•  First Microsoft Pluton-powered Windows 11 PCs to start rolling out this year
•  Samsung Launches the Galaxy S21 FE at $699
•  OnePlus Previews the OnePlus 10 Pro
•  Where is the December Update for the Pixel 6 Series?
•  Google Finally Addresses the December 2021 Update for Pixel 6/6 Pro
•  Google Delivers January Update for Pixel, But Not for Pixel 6 Series
•  I’m Switching to the iPhone

More Microsoft

•  Report: Microsoft Cloud Still Half the Size of AWS
•  Microsoft issues emergency fix for Exchange Server date-check bug
•  Windows Developer Team Tweets a Programming Mistake
•  Apple is First Company to Hit $3 Trillion Valuation


•  Microsoft Reveals Games with Gold for January
•  Microsoft Announces First Xbox Game Pass Titles for January
•  Rainbow Six Extraction Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One
•  Sony Announces VR2 and VR2 Sense Controller for PlayStation 5
•  Samsung Gaming Hub to Bring Stadia, More to Samsung TVs

Tips and Picks

• Tip of the week: Understand the history of Windows via software development
•  App and Codename pick of the week: Project Monarch (One Outlook)
•  Enterprise pick of the week: Out of band Win Server and Win 10 Enterprise updates
•  Beer pick of the week: Salted Caramel Barrel Aged Framinghammer

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott
Windows Weekly episode 758
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