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in this video I show you how to install Optifine, a mod wich a lot of people use in Minecraft 2020. here are some important points to remember: anything that is over 1.12.2 will probably result in crashes, and ultimately not work. Optifine is downloaded with a .jar file if yours says .zip, your downloading a mod that s not optifine. for some reason, optifine will not show up in your mods tab, but you’ll see it in the bottom of your Minecraft screen.

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Intro: SappyFX –

Hey there! My name is Star Catz and I make a Verity of family-friendly content. my intended audience is tweens/ teens around the age of 13. however my content is suitable for all ages. I make content mostly on games such as Minecraft, the legend of Zelda, Mario, super smash Bros ultimate, and occasionally pokemon. My main purpose for being here is to entertain you, as well as teach you stuff about video games you may have never knew. I make tutorial type content as well as live streams on Minecraft servers such as hypixel. Whatever content your here for, I hope you enjoy it!

Schedule: I try to upload at least once a week, however homework or studying might cause some delay. I can guarantee that I stream at least once or twice a week, however.

Next goal: 100 000 subscribers

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Mod Apk DOWNLOAD Links:

Click to download Android Game Mod APK Download – DRIVE LINK

Click to download Android Game Mod APK Download – FILE LINK

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