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This is NOT your average iPhone vs Android comparison. This video digs in deeper and zooms out wider. Also, it’s respectful of both sides while pointing out important things people may not realize when simply comparing model vs model year after year.

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0:00 – Hey, it’s Chris!
1:23 – Top-level strengths and weaknesses of iPhones and Androids
1:28 – iPhone fits in Apple’s ecosystem – but are you locked in?
2:15 – Android phones know a lot about you – too much?
3:20 – Giveaway and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!
3:40 – The best features are likely to get copied by either side
4:17 – What to expect from new iPhones and Androids each year
5:43 – Why buying a phone isn’t just buying a phone…
6:05 – The GOOD about buying an iPhone
6:55 – What’s potentially BAD about buying an iPhone?
7:17 – The GOOD about buying an Android phone
8:02 – What’s potentially BAD about buying an Android?
9:02 – Puzzles and puzzle pieces…
9:47 – The direction I’ve decided to go in
10:25 – Switching from Android to iPhone?
10:45 – Switching from iPhone to Android?
11:07 – Squishing some stereotypes
11:27 – Some ending thoughts


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