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Updated List:

There is a 10 minute summary at the end of the video if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. I spent like 8 hours making this video and that doesn’t even count the amount of time I played with this mod.

My next MODPACK REVIEW will be on the OriginsSMP modpack from the curseforge launcher. A huge part of the modpack is the Origins mod, and as you may be able to tell it’s quite a bit of content for me to cover in a 20-minute review like I normally do. Therefore, I decided to make a separate video of me going through all the races of the OriginsSMP pack just so I can fall back on it as a supporting video for the main modpack review in the future.

Link to the mod:

Link to OriginsSMP (modpack I used in this video):

My Tier List:

Intro: 0:00
Human: 2:24
Avian: 3:14
Arachnid: 5:50
Elytrian: 8:40
Shulk: 12:02
Snowman: 15:25
Creeper: 17:19
Feline: 19:13
Floran: 22:05
Enderian: 25:07
Monke: 27:04
Slimecican: 29:10
Merling: 32:22
Inchling: 35:30
Piglin: 38:26
Blazeborn: 42:16
Zombiefied: 43:52
Phantom: 46:29
Wyvern: 49:39
Summary of Tier List: 51:34


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