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Chisels and Bits tutorial series. This video covers all the basics of the Chisels and Bits mod including details on how to use all of the tools of the mod.

Does it work in mobile, console, etc.?
No. This mod only works in the Java edition of Minecraft. Bedrock Edition does not support mods.

Nothing happens when I press Alt.
The key bind is no longer set by default. Go into Options–Controls and set Radial Menu to alt (or whatever you want it to be).

How do you change the stack size for the bit bag?
For Minecraft 1.16.4 or later, inside your world file, open the folder called serverconfig. Inside that folder, you should find a file called chiselsandbits-server.toml. Open that file and look for “stack-size = 512”. Change that number to whatever you want the stack size to be. I recommend 4096, because that is how many bits are in a block.

How do I install it?
This is a Minecraft Forge mod. You must install the correct version of Forge and put the mod in your mods folder (see link in description). There are also mod loaders you can use, such as Curseforge, GD Launcher, MultiMC, etc. There are multiple tutorials on YouTube on how to do these things. I plan to post my own in the future. But, it’s too long for me to explain in a comment.

Where do I get Chisels & Bits?

What other mods are you using?
You can find the modlist and other information about the pack I am using here:

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