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Todays Minecraft tutorial will show you how to make an easy and super efficient 1.16 (Cobble-)Stone Generator. This stone generator produces up to 270+ stone a minute and is perfect for every Minecraft survival world. There is a easy design without redstone for every skyblock world and a even faster ctone generator with the use of a special redstone circuit. The cobblestone machines do NOT need any mods or datapacks to work.

Build this super fast and easy generator in your Minecraft survival world and let me know, what you will do with all the cobblestone and stone the generator produced! 🙂

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After experimenting for multiple hours I came up with this super fast design. However shortly after finializing the machine, I found out that a quite similiar generator already exist, created by Shulkercraft. I decided to upload this tutorial of my version anyway. Shulkercraft make awesome videos, go check out their channel too. 🙂

I hope you good, BBlocks! 🙂


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