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If you want to know how to use Optifine with Forge in Minecraft 1.18, this video for you. We cover exactly how to install Optifine with Forge, so you can start using Forge and Optifine at the same time in Minecraft 1.18. This will also allow you to install Forge mods with Optifine 1.18 in order use shaders with Minecraft mods or improve Minecraft’s performance!

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About this video: Optifine can now be installed with Forge in Minecraft 1.18, so in this video, we are going to show you exactly how to use Optifine with Forge in Minecraft 1.18. From where to download Optifine that is compatible with Forge to how to add Optifine to Forge 1.18 and start using all of the awesome features Optifine has like shaders with Forge mods. Thus, without anymore delay, here is how to use Minecraft Forge and Optifine at the same time in 1.18!

First things first, we need to download Optifine 1.18 and see which version of Minecraft Forge Optifine is compatible with. You can find a link to our website above, and once you are there, scroll down and click the green ‘Download Optifine’ button. You will be taken to Optifine’s official download page. Under the 1.18 section, you will see a version of Optifine. Next to this versions, you will see a Forge and a string of numbers. This is the version of Forge that works with Optifine 1.18. Write this down for later. We can download Optifine. Click the ‘mirror’ link on the version under the Minecraft 1.18 section. Then, click the download button on the next page to download Optifine for Minecraft 1.18 Forge!

Next, we will need to download and install Forge. This process is actually exactly the same as it is for installing other mods. You can find the Forge 1.18 download link in the description above. That will actually take you to our website where you can click the green ‘Download Forge’ button to go to the official Forge download page. Once you are on this page, make sure to 1.18 is selected, and scroll down and click the ‘Show All Versions’ button. Click the installer link next to the version of Forge that was listed on Optifine’s website. Wait a few seconds and click the the red ‘Skip’ button that appears in the top right. Forge 1.18 for Optifine will start downloading. You may need to keep or save the file depending on your browser.

With Forge 1.18 downloaded, we can install it. You may need to get Java 17 as this is required to use Forge and Optifine together in 1.18+. You can find a link to our Java 17 tutorial in the description above.

To install Forge 1.18 though, right-click on the Forge installer you downloaded, click on ‘Open With’, click ‘Java’, and click ‘Okay’. The Forge installer will then open. Make sure install client is selected and click ‘Okay’. Minecraft Forge 1.18 will then start installing.

With Forge installed, we can move on to how to use Optifine with Forge 1.18. Overall, this is just like installing any other Minecraft mod with Forge. Open up Minecraft 1.18 with Forge, click on ‘mods’, and click ‘Open Mods Folder’ in the bottom right. The mods folder will then open. Next, drag-and-drop Optifine 1.18 into this mods folder. You can now restart Minecraft 1.18 making sure that you open it with Forge.

When Minecraft opens back up, Optifine won’t be in the mods tab. However, if you go to options and video settings, you will be able to see all of the Optifine 1.18 settings. You will also see the version of Optifine you are running in the bottom left of the Video Settings menu.

Congrats! You now know how to use Optifine with Forge 1.18. If you have any questions about how to get Optifine and Forge at the same time in Minecraft 1.18, let us know in the comments below. We are happy to help. And, if we did help you add Optifine 1.18 to Forge, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks in advance!

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