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I Remastered GTA San Andreas (with mods). Graphics mods, car mods, weapon mods, scripts, and fixes. By the end, I had some amazing GTA SA gameplay with graphics better than GTA IV and GTA V. 4k and subtitles are available!

The Playthrough:

This felt like a legit GTA SA Remastered/Remade! I took one of the best graphics mods (inspired by GTA 5), paired it with the best texture mods, and plenty more. I might do this again soon. Feel free to comment suggestions.

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Installation Tutorial:


⚠️ Important Notes & Files:

GTA V Graphics ENB:
Project Props:
Prop Vehicle Projects:
BSOR – American Dream:
RoSA Project Reborn:
Atmosphere Interface Pack:
Mobile Fixed Font:
Story Mode 2.0:
HD Universe GTA Vehicles:
SA Cutscene Characters:
Skin Tweak:
New Catalina:
CJ ESRGAN Upscale:
CJ v2 Contexturing:
Facial Animation Fix:
Insult Mod:
Pre-lighting fixes:
The Birds Update:
Original Peds Vary:
Physics Mod:
GTA IV Weapons:
Faithful Weapons Pack:
Karma Weapons Pack:
90s Atmosphere Weapons Pack:
Real Chainsaw:
Sound Pack by Matihuano:
Advanced Aiming Mod:
Shot Camera Shake:
Combat FX:
Blood On Screen:
Wheel Detach:
Taxi Ride:
Clever Trams:
Money Truck:
Shoes on the Wire:
RZL Trainer:
Z Menu Trainer/Mod Menu:


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