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In this OptiFine video, I show the best & optimal fps settings for OptiFine to increase & get more FPS performance boost (for low end pc) in game. OptiFine is a shaders and performance mod that helps give you good fps but the default settings can be tweaked so with these settings that I show you, they are the best fps optifine settings that I found on my system that are optimal in giving more and better fps boost. If you have recently installed OptiFine and are wondering what are the best OptiFine fps settings, then watch this video, it can help low end pc also to boost fps.

Played on Minecraft Java version 1.18.1 Caves and Cliffs update, and should be doable in future version too! Never Use F3 to check your FPS in game. Always use a FPS application like FRAPS or MSI Afterburner.

Disclaimer:- 2000+ FPS may not be guaranteed on your device as it is based on hardware. Please mention your pc specs when posting a comment. And always use the lowest setting in profile if you are on a lower end pc. The tests performed in this video may not be perfect but give a slight indication of the fps differences.

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00:00 Intro to Best OptiFine Settings 1.18.1
01:16 Vanilla Minecraft 1.18.1 FPS Gameplay (Default Settings)
02:23 How To Download OptiFine 1.18.1
03:07 How To Install Optifine 1.18.1
04:32 How To Download & Install Shaders in OptiFine 1.18.1
05:49 OptiFine FPS Gameplay (Default Settings)
06:51 Best OptiFine Video Settings
08:38 Best OptiFine Detail Settings
11:02 Best OptiFine Animation Settings
11:33 Best OptiFine Quality Settings
12:18 Best OptiFine Performance Settings
13:16 Best OptiFine Other Settings
14:16 OptiFine FPS Gameplay (Tweaked Settings)
14:58 Best OptiFine Optimal FPS Settings
16:50 OptiFine FPS Gameplay (Optimal Settings)
17:53 Best Outro in the world

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