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Scape & Run: Parasites is a challenging mod that adds parasite-themed mobs and invasive mechanics to Minecraft. In this mod showcase, we’ll look at some of the mobs, while at the same time, exploring the mechanics that the mod implements!

Here’s a link to the mod:

The mod version covered in this video is v1.8.2 for Minecraft 1.12.2 (Java Edition).

Timestamps ⌚:
0:00 – Overview
2:04 – Rupters (and the infection system)
2:59 – Infected Mobs (and the merge system)
4:20 – Primitive Parasites (and their adapted forms)
5:24 – Beckons (and the reinforcement and infestation system)
7:57 – Ancient Parasites
8:45 – Items
9:16 – Final words

Music used 🎵:
Nether menu by Emile van Krieken
MapleStory OST – Cave of Horntail
MapleStory OST – Evil Eyes
Swamps Where Dreams Drown by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)
MapleStory OST – Horntail
Stal by C418 (Minecraft)
Ward by C418 (Minecraft)


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