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Minecraft Sea Monster Oceans Mod & Axolotl Dragon Boss Fight Daily Dose of Minecraft Gaming! Funny Moments, Amazing Redstone builds, and more!
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This Daily Does of Minecraft Gaming episode has it all!

From amazing player creations that add incredibly games just with the use of Redstone, an amazing and relaxing parkour map with a twist, funny Minecraft animations and the worlds largest falling sand pixel art!

We also feature a smoker that actually smokes! The player called it a useless invention but I thought it was a pretty cool idea!

As well as gbubs1 using the new glow squids which come from the 1.17 caves and cliffs update to re-create bad apples in Minecraft!

We also highlight some new maps and community-made mods that you should definitely check out for yourself!

Want a clip featured in the next episode? Post Here:

Clips Used:
1 Are anybody elses bees multiplying since 1.17? Posted by TacticalAgave

2 How to build a stalagmite in 2.4 seconds Posted by ZetkutGD

3 A project Im working on involving a lot of squids Posted by gbubs1

4 When one isnt enough Posted by vitorri

5 Well thats one way to find a fortress Posted by LolDude9876789

6 March Away my Soldiers 🌵🌵 Posted by Virat_S

7 My Useless Invention: The Smokin Smoker Posted by Kshyyyk

8 Parkour with a twist: Back & Forth Posted by Mew_Pur_Pur


9 We created great whale 9 times lenght of a player using only vanilla minecraft mythicmobs plugin and a 3D modelling program. Posted by Sefreneth

10 I made the biggest falling sand art in Minecraft Posted by KevinJNguy01

11 Perfection Posted by SGHQ

12 Lava Excavator In Action – Up Close View – SMP Posted by blades575

13 Sometimes you just need to show them a little discipline Posted by MotherInstruction675

14 I made a secret door that uses turtles to open Posted by PoketDex

15 so i added the caves and cliffs datapack to an already existing world Posted by animation_2

16 I built Conways Game of Life in Minecraft using nothing but Redstone – no Command Blocks here : . Each cycle takes roughly 9 seconds to compute. Posted by DaNerdyDude

17 When the potions start kicking in… Posted by Boscawinks

18 100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in 100 seconds Posted by TEH_skipper

19 We spent over 4 years revamping Missile Wars and this is the result! Posted by Evtema3

20 While you are sleeping Posted by snt5t

21 I made a mod that adds real dungeons to the game: YUNG’s Better Dungeons! Posted by YUNGNICKYOUNG

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