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Bedwars is a pretty popular game, so there’s definitely a lot of ways to play it. More than just Hypixel, it turns out.

0:00 Intro
0:35 1. Hypixel Bedwars
2:42 2. Ranked Bedwars
5:37 3. Non-Hypixel Bedwars (Cubecraft Eggwars)
8:44 4. Bedrock Edition Bedwars
12:13 5. Minecraft China Bedwars
14:57 6. Math Bedwars
16:59 7. Adobe Flash Bedwars
19:14 8. Roblox Bedwars
21:17 9. Bedwars in VR
23:27 10. Bedwars Pocket Edition (BlockMan Go)
25:59 Outro

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft China Edition
Minecraft Education Edition
Bed Wars –
BlockMan Go

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i can’t link the Minecraft China ones because they don’t have an ip lul

📂 Texture Pack:

🎶Music Used:

relaxing pokemon music compilation
“It Just makes me happy” – DJ Quads
Local Forecast – Slower – Kevin Macleod
Shop – Undertale
Black Vortex – Kevin Macleod

🎨 Banner Art and Profile Pictures by Green/Greenei/Matthew:

💻 Thumbnails made by me 😛

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