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PLEASE NOTE: Optifine ULTRA D5 for 1.4.6 fully supports 1.4.7 so you can use that download (link also provided in the article below)!

Today Ingrimmm shows us how to install the OptiFine plugin-mod for the Tekkit Lite modpack to boost our graphics and FPS to levels of increased awesomeness.

OptiFine comes standard with Tekkit Classic but for some reason is yet absent from Tekkit Lite; thankfully there is a compatible version we can use for Tekkit Lite!

There is a step-by-step tutorial with download links here:

IF YOU HAVE A MAC, follow the same procedure except you gotta do it slightly different on mac because of ZIP uselessness.

Instead of opening modpack.jar as a zip file you have to Rename “modpack.jar” to “”, unzip it, open the new modpack folder and inject the optifine files (copy/paste/add/replace), then select all of the files inside the folder (cmd+a), right click and “Compress xxx items..” This will make an “” file inside the modpack folder. Move this zip file back up one level out of the modpack folder into the “bin” folder, rename it to “modpack.jar” and you’re good to go!

As we always do, we use the customized Sphax PureBCCraft for Tekkit Lite texturepack (available here: )

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