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🐾 Au🐾
In this Au Izuku Midoriya never existed until Bakugou created him. Bakugou still wants to be the number one hero but whenever he has the time he uses it by inventing gadgets and thats when he wanted to create an android. Which he created Deku. Bakugou usually overworks himself many times, since Deku is around he takes care of Bakugou. Inko and AFO are villains but Inko is still a kind and caring person, Inko and AFO couldn’t get pregnant that’s when they decided to adopt. AFO found Shigaraki and they adopted him, treated him as their own son.
Ever since Izuku became more and more human he got the passion for music. Ever since Shiggy gifted him the guitar, Izuku started playing and enjoys it. When he became human he still enjoys music and decided to become a singer.

🐾 Video Contains🐾
• Mistakes
• Headphone Warning
• soft Bakugou
• Deku Android Au
• Bakubottom
• Izuku Singer Au

Izuku Quirks- Guardian Angel
Has the ability of an guardian Angel of protection
Vision senses
Can see peoples personalities and their identities
Can talk to anyone threw mind
Smarter than any advanced robots

Hikari Quirk- Heat
can make the surrounding heat up as hot as the sun which can cause to start a fire

Kanji Quirk- Darkness
Can surround the areas full of darkness and can be part of it as well.

Amaya Quirk- Prediction Thread
Can predict moves by looking directly at the opponents eye

Kazuya Quirk- Blockage
Can create a force around the opponents blocking their quirks. (Similar to Aizawa quirk)

Thebe Quirk- Nightmare
can transform or bring your greatest fear to life

Torajirou Quirk- tiger
can transform into half human half tiger or into full tiger either small cub or grown tiger. has the abilities of a tiger but stronger

🐾 Characters🐾
• Katuski 🧡
• Izuku 💚
• Mitsuki Bakugou 🧡
• Masaru Bakugou 🤎
• Inko Midoriya 💚
• All For One (Hisashi Midoriya) 🖤
• Shigaraki 💙
• Toga 💛
• Dabi 💙
• Kurogiri 💜
• Kanji 🖤
• Torajirou 💗
• Amaya 🤍
• Thebe 💜
• Kazuya 🤍
• Non-binary Y/N🤍
• Female Y/N 🤍
• Male Y/N 🤍
• Little kittens (Subs) 🤍
• Mina 💖
• Sero 🖤
• Kirishima ❤️
• Kaminari💛
• Jirou💜
• Uraraka 🤎
• Todoroki 🤍❤️‍🔥
• Aizawa 🖤
• Principal Nezu 🤍
• All Might 💛
• Monoma 💛
• Eri 💙
• Hikari 🖤

IbisPaint X

# Screenshots: 1,480

Audio not mine
Credits to the rightful owner


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