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In this Minecraft Java Shaders & Mods Tutorial, I show you how to use OptiFine and Forge at the same time together. I show how get, download and install OptiFine & Forge for Minecraft Java 1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs. You can then use OptiFine and with Forge together at the same time so you can use Mods & Shaders together at the same time! In this video I use the example of Xaero’s Minimap Mod, Dynamic Lights Mod, JEI Mod and Oceano Shaders. At the moment OptiFine is in preview build and Forge is in Beta so the versions keep changing. The latest update solves the issue as we can now use Forge for mods so this allows us to combine both OptiFine and Forge and use Mods and Shaders together at the same time and play our survival/adventure worlds 🙂

Played on Minecraft Java version 1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs update, and should be doable in future version too!

00:00 How to use OptiFine and Forge at same time demo
02:45 How to Download Forge, OptiFine, Shaders Mods Java 1.17.1
08:59 How to Install Forge, OptiFine, Shaders, Mods Java 1.17.1
12:39 OptiFine and Forge at Same Time Gameplay with Mods & Shaders
13:13 How to use Forge and OptiFine at same time demo
15:44 Outro

(Please search on Google for all links shown in this video as some might have changed or moved)

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