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I show OptiFine Alternatives on Fabric including Sodium, Iris Shaders & more optifine type mods installed on Fabric Minecraft Java 1.17.1. OpalFab includes most of the OptiFine type mods you would expect to see in OptiFine but now we can enjoy in Fabric and use Sodium at the same time on Minecraft 1.17.1. You will see connected textures, custom skybox skies, zoom function, shaders, fps display, and performance fps boost on Fabric 1.17.1. With this pack you will have all the OptiFine alternatives in one package on 1.17.1 so you don’t have to spend time installing them. Everything is pre-setup and can be activated after the modpack is installed.

Played on Minecraft Java version 1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs update. Special thanks to LambdAurora for the database list of mods on GitHub.

00:00 Intro to OptiFine Alternatives on Fabric (OpalFab) 1.17.1
02:13 OpalFab OptiFine Alternatives On Fabric Gameplay
02:21 Custom Skybox on Fabric 1.17.1
02:57 Fabric Zoom Mod (Logical Zoom Mod)
03:13 Sodium & Sodium Extra Fabric Performance Mods 1.17.1
04:49 Custom Fog Options
05:47 FPS Display in Fabric 1.17.1
06:17 Performance Mods Fabric 1.17.1
06:44 Iris Shaders Fabric 1.17.1
08:05 Connected Textures & Connected Glass Fabric Mods 1.17.1
10:58 Mod Menu for Fabric 1.17.1 (Configure mods)
11:40 Dynamic Lights Mod Fabric 1.17.1
13:10 Better Grass Mod on Fabric 1.17.1
14:02 Download & Install OptiFine OpalFab Fabric Alternatives
14:57 CurseForge Client Launcher Install OpalFab Modpack
17:28 Enable Custome Textures/Glass Resource Pack
17:59 Change/Configure Zoom Key in Controls
19:02 Disable Vanilla Clouds in Fabric
19:24 Enable FPS Counter in Fabric
20:18 How To Install Shaders on Iris Shaders Fabric 1.17.1
21:11 How To Manually Download & Install OpalFab Modpack
22:14 Install OpalFab Modpack in GDLauncher
24:30 Outro to OptiFine Alternatives on Fabric 1.17.1

How to Download & Install OpalFab:-
– CurseForge Launcher Client: Search for OpalFab or GamerPotion in the search function and download/install
– CurseForge Website: Search in the search box in the Modpacks section for ‘GamerPotion’ then click on the name to bring up the modpack list. Then find OpalFab and download from there (click on version number to generate the download button). Use this method to also import as a ZIP into launchers like GDLauncher/MultiMC and others.

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