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Hey, hey, hey, guys! How’s the world going?
Eventually you’re now getting the chance to take a sneak peek at the third episode, after months of silence, sorry about that… Well, hopefully this will tease your curiosity! 😉
What’s your guess? Who is the mysterious poisoner seen at the end of Part 2?

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Songs I used:
Loose Ends by Etienne Roussel

You can find this and way more songs at
Check out their YouTube page!

And also this one!

SUBTITLES!! I’ll leave you the link to follow, so that you can add the subtitles (and also the description of the video) by yourself in your own language, and also correct possible mistakes for the ones that are already added! 🙂

Tony Crynight features Five Nights at Freddy’s fanimated stories, tragic and emotional animations, comedic and crazy stuff!… But also contests, previews and specials! I hope you’ll like the silly things I make! X3
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