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How to install a mod apk (No Blackscreen) CREER UN JEU MOBILE SANS EXPERIENCE !!! BuildBox – 01

🚨 Works in Minecraft 1.17/1.18! Checkout the recap video in 1.17/1.18 for tips and tricks:

Slime farms have been around for a long time! Most of the designs you see today require a whole chunk to be dug out and then all the caves and overworld to be lit up to focus spawns inside the farm. In today’s episode we build the easiest slime farm there is! Minimal digging and hardly any spawnproofing! This tutorial will show you how to build a simple slime farm that produces around 25 stacks of slimeballs. That is perfect for a small single player world where you don’t need that much slime. Easy to build and simple to understand, this could be a day one farm, no beacon required. We also look at how to find slime chucks in various ways and explain how and where slime spawn.

Materials for this simple Slime farm:

★ Slab: 169
★ Ladder: 97
★ Solid Blocks: 86
★ Torch: 23
★ Hopper: 18
★ Campfire: 16
★ Glass: 12
★ Trapdoor: 9
★ Chest: 6
★ Block of Iron: 4
★ Carved Pumpkin: 1
★ Stairs: 1

Links to the tools shown in this episode:

★ Chunkbase:
★ Amidst:
★ MiniHud:
★ Fabric (required by MiniHud):

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