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Minecraft, But Every Minute I Add A New Mod
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Welcome to LoverFella, today I play minecraft BUT every minute I have to add a new mod to the game. This is like a lot of the other Minecraft, But videos you’ve been seeing, but with a twist!

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This series is not the same as Testing Minecraft Viral Hacks or trying to see if clickbait hacks work.

Minecraft is a survival sandbox game and the biggest game in the world. I love it, but do you know why? It’s been around for a decade, has mods, SMP servers and minigames. There’s so many cool Minecraft Secrets, Tutorials, tips and tricks, life hacks, and traps, especially with the new Minecraft update and snapshots for 1.17. I’m very excited for 1.17, the caves and cliffs update will provide so many more funny moments and great videos!

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