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Mutant Creatures is such a cool and well animated Minecraft mod, so I made this mod showcase of sorts. Get Mutant Creatures here:
Mutant Creatures has also been updated to newer Minecraft versions under a different name. It is now called Mutant Beasts and here’s the link:

The mod version covered in this video is 1.4.9 for Minecraft version 1.7.10.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Mutant Zombie
2:10 – Mutant Skeleton
3:55 – Mutant Creeper
6:58 – Mutant Enderman
10:02 – Mutant Snow Golem
11:00 – Spider Pig

The mod was developed by shcott21.
Map is made by b52_bumblebee from Planet Minecraft.

Music used in order that they appear:
Your Contract Has Expired by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Infernal Descent by FamilyJules
Dark Means by FamilyJules
Undead Desperation by FamilyJules


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