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Netherite God Armor can now be created with the introduction of the Smithing Table functionality that upgrade armor to Netherite Armor while letting you keep the enchantments on the armor. You still needed to make your original Diamond God Armor in Java 1.14.1 or Java 1.14.2 as combining multiple protections was patched in Java 1.14.3. If you combined them in the way demonstrated in my old video (see below) you can even add the new Soul Speed enchantment to the boots as it will not be to expensive. Be sure to check out my last armor video for a more in depth explanation as to how the armor enchantments works.

How to Make God Armor (Java 1.14.1 and 1.14.2 only) –

Best Armor and Best Enchantments (Minecraft Java 1.16) –


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