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Red Light Challenge – Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS & Android). I hope you like it and subscribe to my channel:

Red Light Challenge

Red Light Challenge ios game:
Red Light Challenge android game:

Game Description
Red Light Challenge is a thrilling and fascinating 3D simulator of various childhood games, such as red light green light, marble game, dalgona candy, tug of war, and jump on glass – but with a heart-pumping, hand-trembling, breathtaking edition. Inspired by a famous TV series, this simulator guarantees to put yourself into a character in the movie and bring you a realistic shivering experience.
Train an iron heart to pass them all. Test your fast reflexes by running as fast as possible toward the finish line when the green is on and stop when the red switch on. Pass that and you will be tested your skill by gently separating a dalgona candy with the right force – don’t break it and you will be fine. However, the fun is not over, let test your aiming skill at the classic marble game. Then after that you will compete in the game tug of war, and finally wrap it up with a thrilling jumping on glass game.
Simple, intriguing, and nostalgic! Play Red Light Challenge now and immerse yourself in the endless dangerous adventure.

– Simple and smooth control, user friendly interface.
– Minimalistic and realistic 3D graphic.
– Haunting music and spiking sound effects make the experience more authentic.
– Easy to play, hard to master!

Red light Green light:
– The rule of thumb is straightforward: you can move when the green light is on, and you must stop when the red light turns on.
– Swipe your finger to start running toward the finish line and direct your character to avoid obstacles. You only have 60s, so start running as fast as possible.
– Cross the finish line and you can breathe with ease as you pass the first challenge.

Dalgona Candy:
– Tap and hold as the needle tracing the line and separating the candy for you.
– Don’t hold too long or you will break the Dalgona Candy.
– Done extracting the candy and you will survive.

Marble Game:
– Aiming at the hole and swipe your finger toward the hole with the right speed to start shooting the marble.
– You only have 5 tries so this is where your aiming skill and spatial awareness will be put into test. Once the marble is in the hole, you will win the Marble Game.

Tug of War:
– Tap the screen as fast as possible to remain the pull power of your team.
– Pulling your competitors to the ground and you will step closer to victory.

Jump on Glass:
– Let test your memory by remembering all the right glass to step on.
– Will you cross this glass bridge to survive or fall to the end?

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Red Light Challenge game is no exception. I plan to walkthrough all levels, to reach the max level. Unlock all skins.

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