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Screaming Leaf Giants | Stickman Kingdom Revenge Mod Apk | Stick War Legacy 2019
Que – Kingdom Revenge is a funny, but very intense strategy game version.
You will play a strategist, a combat leader, build a stronghold, for miners to dig for gold and develop a stable economy so you can buy more troops.
You will manage starting from gold miners, swordsmen, spartan, witches and even giants.
The matches will constantly break out, you must lead the army, defeat the enemy, open up many new functions to develop the army, thereby helping you stronger and capture the entire base become unique people.
With the Great War of the Que, you will be the leader, a commander, commander, commander, strategy pack and defeat the enemy.

How to play:
– You need for a gold miner.
– Buy Military
– Hit the statue of the enemy, succeed you will win.

To win the matches, depends a lot on your playing strategy, this is a battle game but the design is simple, funny, not too heavy on graphics, but you will still find it very exciting. when completing the matches.
Real-time funny strategy game for you, build your own empire, train your army, become the great leader conquering all lands.
The future of the world is counting on you!

Dai Chien Nguoi Que Kingdom Revenge is the best game for everyone in the world.
You will be able to play the most important role in grinding the device to make the most of the best results at the same time.
You will be able to see what you want to know about your spartan cravings.
The results will be filled to the extent that there is a lot of problems that need to be developed by the support team and the list of the most effective ones.
Dai Chien Elephant Quite Que will be a great person with a lot of money and a lot of things.

How to
Can you tell me that?
Buy Quan
The list of long-term officials will be listed

If you want to adjust the details, you need to know how much you want to use. If you want to save the time, do not go through the flowers. oil
If you have any problems, please check the list or make sure that you are aware of all the important issues that you need to clear the site.
The future wall is in the middle


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