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At the beginning I thought I’d just make dumb fnaf compilation of my videos, but that’s how it’s turned around 🤗
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00:00 – Wrong Meeting with Unexpected Final: Decline the Party
04:55 – Difficulties of Ballora’s Movements 2
06:12 – Drop our Masks
07:20 – We are Phantoms
08:27 – Afrom Family
10:06 – Toy Freddy in fnaf ar meets you
11:09 – We are Phantoms axie remix
11:31 – Five Dishes with Freddy Fazbear: How to Make Proper Spaghetti
14:28 – Broken Frames
15:17 – #fnaf MOV_molten.avi
15:27 – New Brand Glamrocks’ Performance – #Blender _Security Breach SFM FNAF_
16:29 – “Thing”
19:22 – Imitative Admiration (OH YES! I remembered why video was not here! it’s because it was from previous banned channel, which is in void. but i reuploaded ballora’s movements 1 lol)

The thumbnail’s date is 28th april 2017.

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