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Welcome to the 11th video of 2022 and yes, I will continue to count down to how many videos I upload to my channel in 2022 because why not. Also, Monty what are you doing with that golf club? BONNIE RUN!

1. Original Sources:

2. Songs Used in Order:
Commander Impulse – DivKid
Rich in the 80s – DivKid
1. Channels Responsible for Loop Animations in Intro/Outtro:

-Eli Eli

2. Order of Music Used in Intro/Outtro:
-Polaroid Memories – DivKid (Intro)
-Nineties Pad – Brian Bolger (Outtro)
1. Editing Software: Wondershare Filmora X
2. Other Software I Use: LibreOffice 7.0, Free Cam 8, MediBang Paint Pro
3. 2022 Profile Pic: Young Kenny (South Park)
4. Current Games I’m Playing: Devil May Cry 1 (PS4)


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