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Are you ready to start racing? Download Forza Street APK for Android now to put the pedal to the metal and take part in one of the most incredible racing experiences out there. Forza is a well-known console racing game that has now come to mobile for the very first time.


Forza Street APK ticks all the boxes: graphics, cars, upgrades, plot, physics, music, and more. If you’re looking for a seriously awesome racing game that will put your skills to the test, allow you to live out your dreams of owning some of the most iconic cars on the market, and put you against players online from around the world, then Forza Street APK is for you.

Epic cinematic street racing game

The real thing that defines a racing game is physics – and how good the cars look. Forza Street nails this department, as well as just about every other department there is to nail. Playing this game is like playing racing on a console.


Iconic car collection

Race cars from Porsche, Ford, Lamborghini, and more. Whether it’s classic muscle cars, sports beasts, or street racing gems, Forza has something to fit your style. Forza Street APK is known for its attention to detail and the cars here will certainly impress.

Tons of upgrades

You’re free to customize your car to look however you want it to, plus you can upgrade the engine, suspension, tires, exhaust, and everything else to fine-tune your whip into a racing beast. You’ll have a huge amount of upgrades to choose from, so get ready to make a seriously epic ride.


Cinematic racing

Your main focus in Forza Street APK is to get the right timing on the boosts, the turns, and the braking. This is how the game manages true cinematic racing. For the straights, you can enjoy cinematic cameras chasing you around and following you through sharp bends – it’s quite an experience to behold. All you have to worry about is hitting the gas at the right time. The rest is all done for you.

Tips for playing Forza Street APK

Whether you’re a veteran of mobile racing games or just starting out, you’ll want some tips to master playing Forza Street APK at the beginning.


Master brakes and turns

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you’re a pro at braking and turning. Considering the fact that there’s only one button in the game (the accelerator), doing this shouldn’t be much of an issue. There’s a red line all the way through the corners – this indicates where you should have your hand off of the gas. The yellow line before is where you start to ease off and the yellow line after is where you slam it back on again.

You’ll notice that a certain part of the lines are much brighter than the others – this is the perfect zone for braking and turning. Practice makes perfect.

Focus on tuning

You’ll want to make sure you’re focusing on tuning three cars instead of collecting an entire showroom. The reason is that you’ll only be able to have three cars in your lineup at any event. Therefore, you should keep these three and tune them to perfection. Avoiding hoarding cars will give you much more to spend on upgrading the ones you already have.


Vary your lineup

Each event will have a variety of different races, so it’s a good idea to have one all-round racing car, one solid drag car, and so on. Keep some variation in your car lineup so that you can meet the demands of every event.

Download Forza Street APK for free – Latest version

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