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►►Download and Install Optifine 1.15.2 NOW! :
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Optifine is a Minecraft Mod which optimizes Minecraft’s graphics making it run smoother and faster resulting in better gameplay experience. In addition, Optifine also adds multiple new video options such as dynamic lighting percentages, fog quality toggle, and smooth and multi-core chunk loading options just to name a few.

Optifine was originally designed to completely overhaul Minecraft’s lighting and rendering system. It aimed to increase the details as well as efficiency. Since Optifine is a client-side mod it will automatically crash if loaded by a server. This is why some modders say Optifine is not perfect – yet. But, as it continues to grow so does it’s compatibility.

In a nutshell, Optifine will increase your game’s performance by multiple folds and at the same time provide you with more customizability options. It lets you customize so many video options to the point where you can adjust the quality of clouds, grass, and more. You can customize Minecraft’s video to your heart’s content. However, do note that on rare occasions there is a very slight chance that it might actually decrease your performance. But, due to its reputation and positive feedback, almost all of the mod packs recommend players to use it. For more information and a full detailed review of optifine you need to read our article; Optifine for Minecraft.

OptiFine was made by sp614x

Texture Pack License: This Texture Pack was made by the creator. We are just uploading it for being showcased. If you want to edit/release it you have to ask the creator!

We did not make most of the Packs we show you. People can submit their packs and we promote their Texture Packs / Resourcepacks to make the Creators get more attention.

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