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I decided to make your 8 dumbest ideas in Minecraft, and this was the result. Your ideas are terrible, I hope you’re happy.

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Intro: 00:00
Minecraft but chickens lay hand grenades: 00:17
Minecraft but everything looks exactly the same: 1:23
Minecraft but mobs are 10x faster: 1:56
Make Cthulhu: 2:57
Minecraft but jump = die: 4:49
Minecraft but the sun gets closer: 5:40
Minecraft but every 5 seconds you teleport to the nearest cow: 6:17
Minecraft but everything is furry: 7:32

This was inspired by McMakinstein with So I added the dumbest 8 Minecraft Features and Fundy with I made your dumb ideas in minecraft. This was not a new boss or minecraft difficulty but I think it was still pretty good! Hope you enjoyed it too! This was a ton of fun to make, so I hope you like it!
Thanks for Watching!

#Toiu #Minecraft #ToiuTM


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