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Hey wazzup everyone! This is my first time to go LIVE! Thanks for joining!
I’ll be running The Tower in Insane Difficulty… but what is Insane Difficulty?
I won’t be able to choose rewards from every floors, the rewards can be chosen by using the spinner, so my rewards luck will depend on the spinner, if I get a bad one… definitely gg time… so I’ll name it Insane Difficulty! and no glitches.

There are more Minecraft Dungeons contents in my channel, make sure to check that out!

The Tower, Build & Strategy:-
DcSKmunity Discord:

Ultimate Guide Gilded Gears Farm Full Playlist:

Ancient Hunt Guide:
Easy Emerald & EXP:
Easy Very Fast EXP:

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I’ll be making more video on builds and tips. Thank you.

Best Build for Apocalypse +25:

Unlock Secret Location:
Soulsand Valley:
Nether Fortress:
Crimson Forest:
Colossal Rampart:

Flames of the Nether DLC
Sneak Peek:
First Preview:

10 New Features Update:
AFK Earn a lot Emeralds & XP:
Things You Should Know In Windswept Peaks:
Best Weapon Enchantments:
Fastest way to upgrade items, from 100 to 169 max level:
Insane Damage Firework Arrow Build:
How To Get Best Loot:


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