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★ For best results, please turn the lights off, the sound up and watch in full screen. ★

The wait is over…

After an eternity of waiting, I Halflife390 and proud to present the most anticipated, terrifying and phenomenal Minecraft horror movie ever conceived. This is the Haunting of Herobrine II, the sequel to the smash hit viral sensation that was released in 2012. Now, 5 years later, rewrite after rewrite, rebuild after rebuild, the time is now as I for fill that age old promise I made to each and every one of my 5000 subscribers. The wait is over. Grab that bag of popcorn you’ve been saving, whip out a bottle of your most tasteful beverage and sit back for an experience unparalleled by any other Minecraft video on YouTube.

Enjoy and thanks for watching



John Parker, a paranormal investigator seeks out the truth about the spirit world at the dreaded and ominous Terra Hotel. As decisive as he is in the face of danger and as strong as his resolve to seek the truth; the death of his father, his own past and the foreboding entity Herobrine overshadow him. Will he avenge his father’s death or will he become the hotels next victim?

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Haunting of Herobrine I Directors Cut –
(Original video was taken down by YouTube due to copyright reasons)
Haunting of Herobrine II official trailer –
Haunting of Herobrine II teaser trailer –
Haunting of Herobrine II Facebook page –



A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our amazing and talented voice actors. You guys really brought this film to life, it really wouldn’t be possible without the time and effort each of you put in to reading and reciting your lines.

VoteScott – John Parker (Voice)
YouTube –
(New channel in the works)

Electromite – Pablo (Voice)
YouTube –
Twitter –

YHLGaming – Adrian (Voice)
YouTube –
Facebook –
Twitter –

UniversalAirsoft – Guest (Body Actor)
YouTube –
Instagram –

Back_and_Black1 – Guest (Voice)
(Links soon to come)

DangerfieldUK – Bradly (Voice)
(Links soon to come)

Mattz98 – Various (Body Actor)
YouTube –


Copyright Information:

All sound effects used are from FREE sound websites or from “Minecraft “ and are ALL ROYALTY FREE. ALL music used is FREE and ROYALTY FREE.

A big thanks to the brilliantly talented Kevin Macleod over at incompetech ( for making all of his music royalty free and allowing us to use his music in YouTube videos.

“Apprehension”, “Blue Sizzle”, “Bump in the Night”, “Classic Horror 1”, “Classic Horror 3”, “Dark Pad”, “Decay”, “Deep Noise”, “Devastation and Revenge”, “Digital Bark”, “Distant Tension”, “Echoes of Time v2”, “Ghostpocalypse – 1 Departure”, “Ghostpocalypse – 2 The Call”, “Ghostpocalypse – 5 Apotheosis”, “Ghostpocalypse – 8 Epilog”, “Giant Wyrm”, “Hush”, “Ice Demon”, “Land of Phantoms”, “Lithium”, “Long note One”, “Long Note Three”, “Long Note Two”, “Night Break”, “Piece for Disaffected Piano Two”, “Political Action Ad”, “Right Behind You”, “Shadowlands 3 – Machine”, “Shadowlands 6 – The Pit”, “Shadowlands 7 – Codex”, “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Act Three”, “The Dread”, “The House of Leaves”, “This House”, “Unseen Horrors”, “Very Low Note”, “Welcome to HorrorLand”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Map Download:

A map download link for the Haunting of Herobrine II will be available shortly, after it has been made appropriate for download.

The Haunting of Herobrine I map has been found and recovered off my old laptop and will also be available for download soon.



Production Details:

Software used:

• Sony Vegas Pro 13
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Mocha
• Audacity
• Shadowplay

Render Time – 18 Hours



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Thank you thorough and dedicated viewer for taking the time to engage in discourse with me this far down in the description. A ★ for you and also one of these /)

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