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In this Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Update Small Farms Tutorial I show how to build a New Fully Automatic Mushroom Farm for Minecraft 1.13, the Aquatic Update!

This Minecraft Mushroom farm uses sticky pistons to immediately harvest the mushrooms, an idea put forward by Ilmango. The design of this fully auto mushroom farm is mine though. Compared to Ilmango’s this farm is smaller, compacter and uses no rails or other moving parts. This new fully automatic mushroom farm is suitable for single player survival and you can build it relatively early in your game. You will need four slimeballs for this farm.

Minecraft 1.13, Update Aquatic, is a feature packed update for Minecraft Java edition. Among the features are: Minecraft Turtles, Coral Reefs, Minecraft Dolphins, underwater ruins, underwater treasure, new underwater biomes, new underwater mechanics, minecraft prismarine stairs and slabs, trapdoors in all the six woods and more. Needless to say I am super chuffed about all this! In this series we will go through many minecraft 1.13 small farms that you need in your own world!

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